This Pit Bull Disappeared 2 Years Ago. OMG.. It’s a miracle they found her.


The family’s lovable pit bull had vanished two years earlier without a trace. Where the dog ended up you will not believe! April Morris of Bennettsville, South Carolina looked for months when Nina Louise disappeared in December 2013. She looked for months for her beloved member of the family. The family even offered a $500.00 reward, never even getting a lead on the puppy. The family search efforts ended in heartache, the puppy was never to be seen again.
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Lots of things could have happened to Nina Louise. The puppy might have just ran off, but it didn’t make sense because she had a great family. Then after thinking they would never see her again the pup showed up on the nightly news.
The family was in shock, they recognized the brown colored pit bull right away. The news clip they were seeing happened to be of a large cockfighting bust. The pup had been rescued in Marlboro County, SC. Nina Louise was seen being hauled off to the local Humane Society.

April called the shelter and claimed the puppy. When she got there Nina Louise jumped up and down while wagging her tail, and ran right toward the rightful owners. The excited pup recognized the owners but she looked so malnourished and her face had cuts all over it.

The worker at the Humane Society had asked the family to identify Nina and they identified the white spots on the back of the dog’s neck. The family was so relieved and happy to have her back again.

There was another surprise for the family. Nina had given birth to ten puppies. The puppies had already been adopted and will be ready to go to their new homes after they are weaned. Nina Louise is being nursed back to health after her crazy ordeal and is doing fine back home with her compassionate owners.

From the police reports there had been twenty-seven arrests from this enormous cockfighting ring. The owners of Nina found out that she had actually been kidnapped and because of her breed had been used in dog fighting.

I find all this animal fighting to be unbelievable in this day and age. The use of somebody’s pet dog to fight other dogs is just outrageous. To look into a pet dog’s eyes and see the humanity just breaks your heart when you hear these kind of stories. I hope anyone who reads this and watches this video about Nina Louise and her family will realize this horrific behavior still exists in our society today.

Please help us share this video to help with abolishing dog fighting, cock fighting and all other animal cruelties. Spread the word that our society has a zero tolerance for this most inhumane practice.

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