This Pit Bull Is Bad To The Bone! Watch What He Does!


One thing that we can never seem to grow tired of is videos of animals behaving in the same manner as their human counterparts. As it turns out, animals get tired and like to turn in after a long’s day work, just like their masters.

But the pitbull in this video takes this concept to a whole new level. He is lying in bed just like a person would. No curling up like a puppy for this guy, he is going to sleep like people. The sight of this pitbull lying in bed in such a manner is so adorable, you’ll want to grab a blanket and swaddle him.

He must have had quite the tired day, because when the owner comes close to them, with a camera in tow, he does not budge from his comfortable perch. As if the position that he chose to lay down in wasn’t funny enough, the pitbull’s snoring adds an extra layer of humor to these proceedings.
If you were to close your eyes and just listen to this clip, you would think that it was a 300 pound man settling in for a long slumber. Can you believe that this level of snoring could come from a relatively small animal?

He is just so content, how could you ever bear to wake him up? Even with his loud snoring, he is still one of the most adorable dogs that we have had ever had the chance to make an acquaintance with. When his eyes start to open just a crack, you might even begin to resent his owner for coming so close to his resting face with a camera.

But thanks to him, we are able to watch this amazing video and enjoy the exploits of the amazing slumbering pitbull up close. Fortunately for the viewer (and the owner!), he drifts right back off to dreamland and resumes his snoring.

Despite the fact that he is being recorded, he snores away, blissfully unaware of what is taking place in the room where he sleeps. We are definitely jealous of this pitbull. His ability to sleep through this sort of disturbance is definitely commendable.

This hilarious video needs to be shared with the pitbull lovers in your life. Don’t be shy about passing it along and try your best not to come down with a serious case of the giggles while watching it!

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