This Parrot Thinks He’s A Puppy! Watch His Reaction When His Owner Does This…


When you think of getting a perfect pet, a parrot isn’t likely to be the first to come to mind. Probably because these little pals can be messy, loud, and noisy at times. Raising a chick into a parrot requires a great deal of patience, and even when they are grown they still possess some characteristics peculiar to them which cannot be weaned off easily.


Despite all the troubles one could encounter living with a parrot, there are times like these that make owing one of these peculiar birds worth the while. In the attached video, this owner treats his macaw to a soothing neck scratch, and you would be thrilled at how the bird relaxes and enjoys every bit of this experience. He enjoys the love and attention he is getting from his owner so much that he even makes lovely cooing sounds to show his approval. With this kind of treatment this bird is getting from his owner, he is likely not be leaving that position any time soon.

To see for yourself, take a look at the video!

See how cute the little parrot looks with its vibrantly colored feathers. It coos in a cat-like fashion as a loving hand ruffles and smooths its feathers. The bird is having so much fun you can it drifting away to the land where you would normally drift off to when getting a massage at the spa. With eyes closing and opening with utmost enjoyment, I wanted to turn into a parrot and get my feathers petted- just for five minutes or so…

Parrots are not hard to care for and it is easy to forget that they are wild spirited and not domesticated like cats and dogs that fit nicely into the average human family. The parrot’s aptitude to imitate human speech is its most appealing and yet, most deceptive trait. But looking at this little bugger, one thing is for sure, it’s not mimicking anyone or anything. It’s simply having the most amazing time ever.

As with every other pet, it can be hard for owners not to give these birds all they want. And since their happiness is important to their owners, they never get to lack any of such special treatment.

So go on, watch and share the laugh with some friends!

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