This Paralyzed Dog Was Left To Die, But What Happened Next Made Me Cry


Imaging being hit by a car, left on the side of the road paralyzed and left to die. The car who hit Lawson didn’t even bother to stop, but then why would they, Lawson is just a dog right? Only a merciless unfeeling human being could hit a dog and not even bother to stop.

Unfortunately that is the attitude of some heartless individuals when it comes to animals. Lawson managed to pull his broken body to the side of the road where he suffered in horrible pain for days, all alone and unable to move his body.

No one came to his rescue as he lay on the side of the road. But Lawson is a fighter, determined to survive even when the odds were against him.

Finally someone reached out to help Lawson by calling the local shelter in the area to come and help him. Lawson is a beautiful white dog with the most amazing brown eyes, eyes that in spite of what he has been through, gleam with love and a hope for a home with people who will love him back.
Lawson who is about a year old is truly an adorable dog who is need of a home and the love and patience of a family who will show him not all human beings are heartless or cruel.

He was taken to the local rescue, He’Art of Rescue. He has been nursed back to health but is still paralyzed in both hind legs. That doesn’t stop Lawson from getting around, he simply drags his paralyzed legs behind him as he gets from place to place.
Thanks to the rescue center he has a new lease on life, but helping Lawson doesn’t stop here. No animal, especially one as incredibly loving and kind as Lawson should have to spend his life living in a shelter.

Imagine how Lawson will feel finally having a home where he is safe, cared for and most importantly loved! Because of his disability he needs a family who will give him the kindness, love and affection he not only desires but deserves. He will make a great addition to any family because this adorable guy has a lot of love and affection to give.

Please watch this video of this amazing animal and be sure to share it with as many as possible so that Lawson can find the home he truly deserves to have.

If you’d like to help Lawson, please donate right now so you can help towards his recovery. If you want, you can even adopt this poor guy to give him a happy forever home. I feel really bad to see Lawson like this and I really hope that he finds his loving home soon. Please share this post with your friends.

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