This Paralyzed Dog Was Abandoned Because He Was ‘Defective’. But Then A Miracle Happened.


A young, beautiful and loving dog Zeus was abandoned after becoming paralyzed because he was ‘defective,’ but then a miracle occurred. When six month old, Zeus, was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disease he was rendered paralyzed in his hind legs; therefore resulting in abandonment by his family because they didn’t want to for a ‘defective’ dog. At just six months of age Zeus was just a puppy then when he gained a limp, which then resulted in being left alone at a high-kill animal shelter by his caretakers…
”he couldn’t move so there wasn’t any reason to lock him up in a crate…he couldn’t move, even in the water, even with support…soon he got the idea and at least in the water he began to swim.”

Disabled dogs are quite often the first to be issued euthanization at shelters due to the high cost of care, treatments, and time necessary to be spent with the animal on a daily basis as well as very low adoption rates increasing the cost of living for shelter to be paying on behalf of the animal, but Zeus was incredibly lucky to have been offered a second chance; Instead of facing euthanasia, a miracle had happened.

“Day after day, drying him off from the pool and bringing him inside we had hope that he would learn to crawl…and one day he did. It wasn’t much of a crawl, more like an army crawl…”

Zeus who had never detached from hope, despite all setbacks, has the ability to teach humanity about determination and perseverance. It takes a lot of courage and strength to not give up all mobility after being put out by his sole providers, it makes him more of the human experience. Dogs are the lucky creatures to maintain an unconditional love and appreciation for everything through all situations, it is as if they are numb to all disabilities and life’s setbacks…quite often their tails continue to wag for the pleasure of being alive to experience it all.

“We continued working the pool…throughout the winter months…until we were able to get him into the wheelchair by early October”

After sending out a Facebook post to reach out for donations in just a few days, Zeus and the team reached their goal plus more to order the wheelchair Zeus needed to regain his strength to continue training!

“When I got up to go grab the last piece to put together his wheelchair, after turning around I saw him beginning to walk across the living room…we’re the ones who were amazed.”

He still needs therapy currently, but is now more than strong enough to walk, run, and even climb up the stairs by himself! Stay strong Zeus, share this remarkable journey with others and inspire them to never give up, even when things are hard.

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