This Nervous Little Girl Walked On Stage. But What She Did Next Surprised Everyone… WHOA!


You won’t find their names or faces on the cover of Rolling Stone and you won’t see them at large venues, getting rich (not yet anyway). Their voices are like liquid moon light, bursting at the seams with passion. They’re sisters, and it seems singing is in their blood. So, why haven’t you heard of them yet? You will never forget them after watching the video of these amazing sister stars. Meet the two girls, walking on stage, right into the spotlight.
The two girls were simply magnificent. The older girl had the depth and breadth of a seasoned performer. And though you can see that the younger of the two was nervous and maybe shaken, she gave a performance of the magnitude and skill level of someone much older and more adept at the game. As the girls stood in their flawless white dresses, they presented themselves as pure angels, not with wings, but with their undeniable talent.

The older sister began, solo, as her younger sister waited for the right cue, all the while sharing her attention between the audience and her admiration for her sister. Their hair glimmered in wavy gold satin, with the locks as shimmering as a Disney Princess. Try and watch the video without the word honey coming to mind when you hear the younger girl’s voice. It sounds almost too good to be true.

The song the girls chose was a classic. It was originally written by the band Bad Finger, but when the girls moved their lips to “Without You” it was compellingly reminiscent of singing legend Mariah Carey. Even though the older girl began the show, when her younger sister takes the lead, she steals it. This little girl sounds like an adult with years of vocal training. She had so many measures of precise timing between voice and hand gestures that she looked as natural as a ten year veteran of the industry. If Mariah watches it, she’ll weep. But she shouldn’t, she hasn’t been replaced (yet). After the stunning solo by the littler of the pair, the girls fused their voices into a symphonic mastery that would seem beyond compare to their age. They held together in harmony so well, it was as if it was only one voice the girls were sharing. You will have to watch it twice just to believe what you hear.

As the girls belted out the tune like a couple of pros, you can see just how much the girls care for one another. They express their love and respect to each other with the same enthusiasm as they show their powerfully engaging talent for singing. The audience shows their appreciation and support to these two fantastic performers at the end of the amazing display with a gusto one rarely sees over entertainers their age. The girls accept the roaring applause in the same graceful and mature manner that they carry themselves throughout the entire show. With the energy and passion these girls put into their craft, it’s surprising they are not already huge.

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