This Mother Cat Talks To Her Kittens, But Just Listen… SOO Cute, It Will Steal Your Heart.


It seems just about anything cats do is entertaining, especially when it is kittens nursing while mom purrs sweet cat noises while snuggling up to her little ones.

What could the mommy cat be saying? Maybe the sounds she makes are just the sounds of love. Pure, unconditional cat love. The tone and the pitch of her purrs are easily recognizable to her kittens and assures them mom is here with a whole portion of milk for her hungry offspring.

Cats communicate using the language of love. It is not what they say, it is the vibration of the sound waves that conveys a mother cat’s love for her kittens.
And the little ones even squeal back at mommy cat, matching her tone and sending her their shrieks and purrs that stimulate even more maternal love and cat sounds from mom. It is a continuous cycle of love between a mother and her feeding young.

Compelling as well is that not all the kittens can nurse at the same time so the mother cat uses the time to bathe the kittens waiting in line for mom’s milk. Talk about multi tasking, no time is wasted by this busy feline mom.

Even while nursing and bathing her kittens she is also on the alert, keeping an eye out for anything that would disrupt feeding time. Her cat world is only about herself and her kittens, nothing else matters while she is busy caring for her fluff balls.

Like all animals she lives by instinct in the present moment. When that moment is safe, unconditional love comes forth and is showered on her kittens.

This love shown to her kittens prepares them for the same life she has had, filled with cuteness and cuddles for a human to gain comfort and pleasure from in the form of a big ball of fur sitting in a lap.

Eventually though kittens grow up into cats and some become mother cats and the cycle keeps repeating. It is the mother cat’s instinctual love for her young that keeps the species alive.
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Yes, kittens are just so adorable, no matter what they doing. And mothers of all types have unconditional love for their young. We all communicate through purrs and shrieks and squeals of one kind or another, but kittens certainly are the cutest.

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