This May Not Look Like Much, But You’ll Be In Tears By The End. Oh My Goodness…


This story is told in comic fashion but make no mistake, it is the true story of all dog lovers. We read through the all too familiar story lines and we see our own family pet. When the story nears the end; our heart breaks.

When a puppy joins your family, it is fun and it is funny. But it is a lot of work. They do things that we do not understand and never expect. Even though it can be frustrating, we push on because our hearts make a connection.

We soon discover that little furry creature has a personality all his own. He seems oblivious to the stresses of life, because you are his life and you are dependable. You are the person who makes sure his dish is filled with food and his bowl has fresh water. He has no clue how you do it or why you do it. But he knows you will do it and he loves you for it. You are the one who takes him for walks and laughs when he chases butterflies. He sees your face turn red and your voice sound different when he runs and jumps in the water. Soon he tears himself away from his play and looks up at you with his big brown eyes and you do the strangest thing; you laugh!

As he grows, he settles down and all he really cares about is being with you. Anywhere you are is okay with him.

But time can be cruel. Nature takes its course and the day comes when he turns a bit grey around his face. He cannot run as fast as he once could and he cannot jump as high as he once did. He is your companion. That is enough for him. But you are concerned.

You take him to the veterinarian and he is treated and he improves. But it is temporary. The sad fact is a dog’s life has a shorter span than a human’s. The reality sets in and your heart breaks at the certainty that is closing in on you. You make him comfortable. You show him that you love him and appreciate him with all your heart. And that is enough for him. He is not in pain and he is with you.

When he has reached a point that you know it is selfish to keep him here with you, you make those final arrangements. You take your time to give him a farewell that is a reflection of how much he means to you.

Now is when you realize that not only were you his whole world, he was a big part of yours! He was there when you were lonely. He snuggled in next to you when you were sick. He stood between you and any perceived danger. No matter what junk happened in your life, you could count on him to walk beside you.

As you bid him farewell you think to yourself. If there is a heaven, surely this old friend will be waiting there for you! He drifts off to sleep and you say your final good-bye.


[h/t – BarkPost]

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