This Marine Lost Both Legs in Battle, But It’s What He’s Doing Now That Has Many Calling Him A Hero


Have you ever reached a point in your life when it seemed impossible to keep going? Even in a situation where we feel physically incapable of continuing, we have a way of digging deep and finding that extra burst of energy needed to get the job done. No matter how hard we’ve worked or how much we’ve given, there is always something left inside. Toran Gaal is the living embodiment of this fact. He proves this point each and every day and serves as a shining example of why a person should simply never give up. Back in 2011, Gaal inadvertently stepped on a do it yourself explosive, losing both of his legs in the horrific incident.
Gaal also lost 30 percent of his brain and his chances of survival were thought to be slim to none. Toran would not allow this situation to become his downfall and he turned what could have been a tragic occasion into a teaching moment about the power of hope.

The blast that went off when Gaal stepped on the explosive was so powerful, it could have torn through metal. Most men would have succumbed to such an explosion. It should be obvious to the viewer that Toran is not most men.

When doctors attempted to repair the damages, they did not believe that they could save this super soldier’s life, only keep his suffering from becoming prolonged and agonizing. He passed away and the doctors were unable to resuscitate him. As suddenly as he passed, he woke up, giving the medical team the opportunity they needed to repair his body and keep him living.

Gaal died several times during the resuscitating period and eventually lost both legs and 30 percent of his brain. Three years later, he is now known as the “unstoppable hero,” thanks to his unshakable resolve. Not only is he in the process of prepping himself for a grueling bike tour of 3,800 miles over 65 days, but he is a regular participant in fundraising marathons for veterans.

Seeing a veteran with Toran’s level of toughness and determination serves as a reminder of how minuscule our problems truly are. The minor issues that we come across each day are easy enough to overcome and pale in comparison to what this incredibly brave and inspiring veteran has experienced. Gaal lets viewers know that their mind is the most powerful tool of all and that they can accomplish anything with the proper amount of focus.

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