This Man Was Sentenced To 99 Years In Prison On Animal Cruelty Charges


Animal cruelty is one of the most common problems in modern society and one of the reasons why it never stops is because people feel as if they can abuse animals with complete and total impunity. If you knew that you could get away with something this heinous and you were the type of person to abuse animals, you might try your luck, too.


But people who are not able to properly care for their pets or refrain from abusing are now encountering the long arm of the law on a much more frequent basis. Those who were used to simply abusing their pets or getting rid of them when they got tired of them now have to face the consequences of their actions.

These people have learned that they need to care for their animals in the correct way, as opposed to tossing them aside as soon as they feel like it. The sad reality is that some people do not know how to do the right thing and these folks simply should not own a pet for any reason. However, it does not stop them from procuring animals anyway and many of these creatures face sad endings as a result.

The man in this story is no exception to the rules that have been put into place and while some may see his sentence as being way too harsh, we believe that the punishment definitely fits the crime. A man from the city of Alex was recently handed a 99 year prison sentence from his role in the abuse of animals, in addition to his conviction for credit card fraud.

He starved and neglected the collies who resided on his grandparents’ property and the court found him guilty of a variety of felonies and misdemeanors. The man’s name is Nick Patterson and those who are willing to take a look at him will see a man who showed zero remorse for his horrific act. Hopefully, having some time in the slammer to consider his actions will do him some good.


Nick will have to serve at least 18 years in prison before having the opportunity to receive parole, a well deserved punishment. As the sentence was handed down to him, Patterson reportedly displayed very little emotion and it is likely that he knew he deserved every year. Please share this story to spread awareness about animal abuse, everyone.


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