This Man Proves Why We REALLY Need To Talk To Kids About Strangers … This Is UNREAL!


Growing up, you were probably reminded about the dangers of talking to strangers on a regular basis. Parents know how important it is to drill this lesson into their children’s heads, so that they can rest safe every time they send their kids out the door. Every day, hundreds of children are abducted, so teaching your children to avoid strangers has never been more crucial.
Joey Salads, who is well known for his pranks on YouTube, decided to put the lessons of these parents to the test and see just how good these kids are at following instructions. Joey’s social experiment ended up being more illuminating than any of these mothers could have ever bargained for.
Before he began his experiment, he spoke to the mothers of all the children involved and asked if he could see whether they would speak with him or not. Many of the parents displayed supreme confidence that their children would do as they were told and ignore the stranger, even though he had a cute dog by his side.

If there is anything that we learned from this particular video, it’s that the parents of these children need to work much harder on teaching their child about the importance of not talking to strangers. The video evidence is somewhat shocking and shows that many of these parents’ warnings have simply gone in one ear and out the other.

This video shows how easy it can be for children to become manipulated by a charismatic stranger and his cute dog. Even though these parents took the time to explain the dangers of strangers to their child, all of these carefully taught lessons went right out of the window once Joey Salads and his dog came onto the scene.

Perhaps you are watching this video and wondering whether your son or daughter would disobey your orders and talk to Joey Salads, even after you explicitly forbade them from doing so. The video might even frighten some parents, as they slowly begin to realize that their lessons might all be for naught.

The clip shows parents the importance of remaining vigilant at all times. Hundreds of children are not abducted each day because of their unwillingness to follow instructors, they are kidnapped because it easy for a stranger to pose as a friend and lure children into their web of deception.

Parents should sit down with their younger children and watch this video as a family, so that they can show their little ones the visual proof of what can happen when they do not listen to the instructions of Mom and Dad. Who knows? It could end up being the difference between them speaking to the wrong person and knowing when to avoid them.

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