This Man Found A Dying Baby Squirrel, Wait Until You See What He Did Next!


When most of us are walking down the street and we see a dying animal, our first instinct is to keep on walking. After all, it’s not our responsibility to worry about the welfare of every animal that we see. There are simply too many of them to keep track of and while we tend to see ourselves as good people, no one would be offended if a person decided to ignore the dying squirrel.
This is not the case for Jeff Longo, however. The day that he saw the tiniest baby squirrel suffering on a sidewalk, burning to death in the Florida sun, he made the choice to do something about it. He was not going to allow that squirrel to die on his watch. Even though he knew in his heart that the squirrel may not survive and had a tough road ahead, he was determined to do everything he could to help.
Finding a minuscule, half dead baby squirrel roasting in the Florida sun is not something that most of us are prepared to deal with. Taking care of a wounded, dying small animal is a huge responsibility. The majority of people would not take the time out of their busy schedules to do so. With so many work and school obligations, fewer people even have the time it takes to care for a pet, let alone a sickly squirrel.
Longo himself did not have a great deal of confidence that the squirrel would live. Naming the squirrel Biscuits, Longo set out on the long, hard path of rehabilitating the squirrel and giving her the chances to mend its wounds. He scooped up the squirrel and gave her an all important refuge from the unrelenting Florida sun.
Jeff Longo is a shining example of what happens when a person digs deeper than they thought they could and has the courage to perform a truly selfless act. He was unsure whether he could even help the squirrel, but did so anyway. In a world where so few people are willing to make that kind of sacrifice, Longo stands out.
Longo dedicated three entire months of his life to the nursing of Biscuits. He ensured that Biscuits not only survived, but was able to thrive. The squirrel’s health was important enough to him to at least give it a try. By filling a bottle each day with a combination of puppy formula and heavy cream, he was able to restore her back to good health.
Now, he refuses to ever let Biscuits leave her side. Even when it is time to go to work, Biscuits tags along for the ride. This amazing story is proof positive that there are still wonderful human beings residing in our world.









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