This Man Is Dubbed “Angel of the Animals,” And He Is About To Restore Your Faith In Humanity


There a multitude of stories out there about a person who found one lost animal and decided to provide them with a chance at a better life. However, the man in this story has been saving animals for so long, he knows no other way. He has been rescuing lost pets for his entire life and dedicates all of his time and energy to helping animals who are desperately in need of his unique brand of assistance.


Thanks to his courageous actions, he has been dubbed the Angel of Animals. His given name? Wilson Martins Coutinho. Wilson takes in dogs, cats, and any other animal who needs his help. It does not matter how injured they are, Wilson will still dedicate himself to providing them with the necessary care.

Even if an animal’s condition is at its absolute worst, Wilson still does everything in his power to try and save them. He does not ever give up on any animal that he finds until he knows that he has done all that he can to offer them a second chance.


Wilson is not content to simply stabilize the animals and send them on their merry way, either. He does the grunt work, even making sure that they are eating properly and gaining health and strength before allowing them to leave his care. He fully rehabilitates the animals, so that they are able to truly enjoy life going forward.

The locals have also come up with their own name for him: Protector Wilson. This is a title that is definitely well earned. In countries like Brazil, animals are subject to much more difficult lives than the ones that they would enjoy in a country that is more developed. Without people like Wilson, most (if not all) of these animals would die.


He is setting a new standard for how animals should be treated in developing nations and blazing a trail for animal philanthropists everywhere. We can all do our part, by taking the time to promote programs that help animals and people like Wilson, who go above and beyond to assist in the cause.

Please take a moment to watch this amazing clip and share it with your friends and loved ones. Any help that you can offer will be crucial in aiding Wilson, as he continues to fight his courageous battle to save all of the helpless animals of Brazil.

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