Man Builds A Special Kayak To Take His Dogs On Little Adventures


While having a hobby can be a lot of fun, it is more fun when you can bring your best friends along for the ride.

David Bahnson spent much of his life working as an orthopedic surgeon before his recent retirement. This Vermont man decided that he would not spend his twilight years simply reading books to pass the time, though.

He decided to devise a way for him to share his favorite hobby with his closest buddies. He constructed a kayak for his dogs, so that they could tag along with him on all of his incredible adventures. Any time he heads out onto the water, he is able to take his trusty dogs and give them a taste of the aquatic life.


According to David, his dogs absolutely love heading out to the water and once they see the kayaks being pulled out, they are always raring to go.

The idea came to him after seeing that his first dog (who is named Susie) could fit into his kayak’s baggage compartment. He had constructed the kayak from a kit that he purchased from Pygmy Boats. He then added a ring around the baggage compartment, which enabled her to remain dry and cozy.


Before too long, Susie got a new sibling named Ginger. David and his wife did not want to leave the newly acquired pup out of their kayaking adventures and he would soon decide to further modify his boat.

After Ginger joined the family, David decided to simply build another hole. His creation resembles a triple kayak, but it is made for dogs and does not provide a great deal of room for paddlers to rest their feet.


These dogs love kayaking and it does not take very much convincing to get them onto the boat. The dogs even know how to keep themselves safe during these journeys. They remain seated for the duration of the trip and according to David, neither of them has ever decided to jump into the water.


Susie and Ginger have now passed on to doggy heaven, but the tradition remains. Even though the sight of dogs inside of a kayak tends to make for interesting conversation with passerby, the dogs themselves could not be more pleased with their accommodations.


David’s dogs enjoy going wherever he goes and his dedication to the comfort and safety of his pets certainly deserves a round of applause. His dedication is remarkable, to say the least. Pass it on.


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