This Looks Like A Simple Drywall Repair, But What He Really Was Doing Had My Jaw On The Floor


During the 1990s, Bernie Mitchell began to develop an interest in the creation of art and during this period of discovery, he learned that drywall was a great medium for crafting numerous beautiful shapes and patterns. Working as a professional drywall finisher gave Mitchell a true appreciation for its malleability. He began his experiments by placing raised panels on the walls of the homes he was working on. He became mesmerized during this process and decided to add barley stalks and various leaves, which allowed to create a series of impressions in the surface that were natural.

Now, Mitchell has moved past the days of working on drywall for a living and is now commissioned to create vibrant three dimensional wall textures for homes and offices, as well as sculptures. His area of specialty involves creating decor for shoreline cottages and houses and he particularly enjoys the inclusion of various animals and birds in his sculptures and paintings.

If you tune in to the video at the 3:30 mark, you can take notice of how Mitchell’s landscape begins to morph and take shape. You will be amazed and astonished at how easy he makes the entire process look. The shoreline and the pine tree he includes in his design are so realistic, you will think that you are actually present. If these details seem incredible to those of you watching at home, just wait until you catch a glimpse of the fish sculpture he has placed in the center!

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