This Looks Like A Normal Duckling… But When You Hear Him You Won’t Be Able To Stop Laughing!


Those of us who are saddled with spouses or significant others who snore very loudly know all about how difficult it can be to make them change their ways. Even when we give them a heavy nudge or try to re-position them, this usually does very little to make the snoring subside.

While these types of scenarios can be quite annoying, we tend to have a much more forgiving nature when an adorable animal is the one who is making a racket with their incessant snoring. Take the duckling in this incredible clip, for example.

This animal’s snoring is just as loud and obtrusive as anyone else’s, yet it is impossible to stay mad at them. Seeing a duckling indoors is already a rare enough occurrence and it is even more out of the ordinary to see one all snuggled up in bed. This duck must have a family that loves him very much, as most pet owners we know would never stand for such a thing.
For many of us, the concept of letting a pet use our bed to sleep in is a major no no. We are not quite sure if this home has an open door policy about these sorts of things, but one thing is certain: this duckling is about as cozy as any creature could possibly be and the snoring sounds are very cute.

It would be a shame if someone were to wake the slumbering duck, as he appears to have had quite a long day. Perhaps he was at the pond chasing bread or maybe he’s absolutely swamped (get it?) with paperwork at the office? Regardless of why he is tired, he has definitely earned a nice, long nap.

This is certainly a video that you will want to watch until the very end, though, as the duck starts to stir towards the latter part of the clip. Watching the animal come so close to waking up, without actually stirring from his slumber, is well worth the 33 seconds that you will spend with this clip, unless you’re just like us and you end up rewinding it on multiple occasions.
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