This Little Guy Loves His Treats – Wait Until You See His Smile At The End To Prove It


This very small dog is famous online. Norbert is his name and he is a mix of Chihuahua, Terrier and Lhasa Apso. Norbert is a social media hound having his own YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram and others. Norbert even has his own website and pictures show him giving high fives to his friends at nursing homes and hospitals.

Norbert is a helping soul to people who could use a little cheering up. He is a professional therapy dog in the Boston, Massachusetts area. He is also a writer of children’s books and a Philanthropist so he is a busy little dog weighing in at only three pounds. Julie is his owner and she and little Norbert work together.

Watch this short video to see Norbert in action. To see him enjoying this cheese with his little tongue hanging out will make you laugh. Norbert looks to really be enjoying his cheese in this video. See how he looks like a picky eater who approves of what is being fed to him. Norbert has some funny facial expressions in this video just like people. Norbert sounds like a sophisticated name for a dog or anyone and when you view this video you will think the same.

See how Norbert acts like a royal dog in this cute video. He reminds me of a royal picky man but seems to enjoy this cheese. Norbert looks like such a smart, royal dog in this video. Watch as Norbert will have you laughing in this video as he shows you how much he loves cheese. Norbert is a popular dog in helping people and his has lots of pictures with all the people he has helped.

Norbert will warm your heart as you watch him eating cheese in this video. He is such a fun loving little dog no wonder everybody loves him. Having his type of credentials makes him a very smart dog. This is such a fun dog to watch as we enjoy him while he eats his favorite snack cheese. Watch Norbert in this video and you will see why he is such a star. He even has his own YouTube channel. Norbert has an impressive resume and he is such a joy to watch in this short video. If you get to check out Norbert’s website you will see some pretty cool things for kids and others.

When you watch this video you will notice Norbert’s tongue hanging out and that seems to be part of his charm. Watch this video to see the charming Norbert eating his favorite snack. This little guy is really fun to watch and you will enjoy this video. This is a little dog with a big personality. Watch the amazing Norbert and see all the magic he can make.

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