This Lioness Shows An Amazing Reaction To A Zookeeper Handling Her Cubs


It’s understandable that most mothers within the animal world and even in the human world are extremely protective of their young. It takes an extremely brave person to even attempt to care for big cats let alone try and handle newborn cubs knowing full well that the mother could pounce on them and injure them severely if not in their life.
Watch the reaction of this mother lioness when a zookeeper attempts to care for her cubs. The two have been working together for years and have established a long trusting relationship. The reaction of the lioness shows when the zookeeper handles her cubs is absolutely astonishing. She treats him just like another member of the family and even shows her love and affection for the zookeeper throughout the process. It just goes to show that dedicated animal handlers can earn even the most dangerous animals in the world’s trust. Although many of us fear big cats with the right understanding it’s possible that we can establish long-lasting relationships and trust even in protective in dangerous situations like this one.
You have to see the reaction of the animal, the zookeeper as well as any of the people around him. It’s not often that you get to see people interact with Lions up close and personal and the sheer power of this animal is a sight to see. Her gentle nature and the amount of trust that she places in her keeper is absolutely astounding. This is truly a relationship between man and beast that has to be seen to believed. Watch as they play together, share some cuddles and how she interacts with her keeper as if she were just a small house cat. This is a heartwarming video that will truly brighten your day.

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