This Is Why You Should NEVER Pet A Service Dog. Oh My…


When Hailey Ashmore had her dog Flynn out one day they encountered a stranger that violated the sign on Flynn’s red vest. Flynn the Australian Shepherd puppy was just training as a guide dog and he was only seven months old. Flynn has a red vest on that is clearly marked “Do not Pet,” “Do not distract”. You would have thought the stranger would have paid attention to the warning signs. Instead this stranger put Hailey into a very dangerous situation.

This person got caught up in wanting to pet the handsome dog. The vest also read “Seizure Alert” “working”. The dog Flynn helps to alert Hailey that a seizure is about to happen. You would have thought this guy would have seen and not disturbed the working dog but no he was caught up in just wanting to pet the handsome dog.
A stranger at her dad’s workplace started to pet the dog and before Hailey could tell the rude man to stop she missed the signal from Flynn that she was going to have a seizure. This distraction of this man interfered with Flynn being able to do his job. Flynn is trained to recognize ahead of time by ten minutes or so when these seizures will take place. Flynn totally missed his cue and Hailey’s life became in great danger.

Hailey had reacted to the stranger as fast as she could telling him to stop but it was too late. The dog had a job to do and it was not his fault. This stranger did not even see Flynn’s warning on his vest. He could have even asked first but didn’t. This stranger might have not known or seen the dog’s vest but this is a terrible situation that should have never happened.
The warning sign from Flynn was never received by Hailey and so she never had her ten minutes to get ready. Instead she hit her face and head on a rug causing her face to burn. The ten minute warning by the working dog Flynn gives Hailey time to take her medicine and also call someone for help. This happened so fast and Flynn was still training so he didn’t know how to react to the stranger.

Flynn did not know better to not let the stranger pet him and he is now learning. Flynn was just learning his job when this incidence took place as he was still just a seven month old puppy. This situation is really hard for any dog to deal with. This is why these dogs wear a vest clearly stating not to disturb them and they are working guide dogs.
This Australian Shepherd is quite handsome and people are going to want to pet him but he is a dog who has an important job to do. People need to read what is clearly marked on the dog’s vest “Do not pet”.

[h/t – The Dodo]

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