THIS Is What That Extra Shoelace Hole Is Used For. I Wish I Knew This Earlier!


When you look at your running shoes or your hiking shoes do you ever notice an extra hole for your shoelaces. You know where it is. The one at the very top of your shoe. What in the world do need another hole for your shoelaces. The reason there is an extra hole is so you can tighten your shoes so they won’t move around so easily on your feet.
Watch this short little video on how to use that extra hole. It really is a simple technique and really is great for preventing foot problems. The feet are no laughing matter and you want to keep them from giving you blisters and other problems related to the shifting of your feet.

Follow this this simple instructional video and you will not have all those foot problems from your shoes shifting around. The technique is called “lace lock” and is something you can’t live without. The lace lock holds the heel in place so you prevent your feet from shifting around. It also stops the toes from jamming into the front of the shoe. The technique keeps you from developing blisters on your heels and other areas of the foot.

Watch this video to see up close to see how this lace lock really works. The technique is not hard to understand. Begin by pulling your shoestrings through the top hole pulling it through the hole backwards. Make sure to do this on both sides of the shoe. This should create a small loop out of your shoestrings on both sides of the shoe.

The next step is to cross your laces and pull the laces through the loops on each side. Then you want to pull down and not up. During this step you have created a nice tight fit so your shoes won’t move around. Watch this video to see exactly how it is done. The video will help you correct anything you don’t understand.

The last step is to tie your shoe like you normally do. This technique is going to hold your heel in place. If you are a runner try this and see if you can’t run farther than you usually do without hurting your feet. Sports and outdoor activities can cause a lot of pain to your feet creating lasting injuries. Prevent all this from happening by learning this simple technique. You didn’t know what this hole was used for but now you have an advantage with the lace lock or heal lock technique.

Just follow this simple instructional video and you will be happy you did. Things they never tell you when you buy your running shoes. That extra hole could sure be a game changer and your feet will thank you too. This is a great video for anyone who has to be on their feet all day.
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