This Husky Throws The Funniest Tantrum EVER When He’s Told It’s Time To Go To Sleep!


When children are asked to go to sleep or to do any other regular task, they may begin to throw tantrums to protest their treatments. This action by children is always funny, and they grow out of it in a short time. Tantrum throwing by kids is caused when they don’t know how to deal with frustration or tiredness or hunger and the only way to express themselves is to scream, cry, or hit the ground. This behavior is quite common among children of one to three years old, and they will eventually grow out of this tantrum throwing habit.

Just like children, dogs throw tantrums too especially when they are not comfortable with something they are asked to do. With dogs, there might not be screaming and hitting the floor but howling and wailing to protest the action they don’t want to take. Watch Blaze the Husky as he complains when he is asked to go to bed, his reaction is both hilarious and shocking.
Blaze obviously does not like being confined to his kennel, and he just wants to lie on the living room floor and not be disturbed, is that too much to ask of his owner? His owner goes to meet him lying on the living room floor and whispers “kennel time” and Blaze ignores him as though he didn’t hear what he said. When his owner repeated himself and tried to move Blaze, his response was hilarious. Blaze sounded as if he was saying “no” and he keep howling as he was asked to go to bed. His owner seemed to be having fun as well with the response of Blaze as he kept taunting him and telling him to get up and go to the kennel. With every request to go to bed, Blaze responds with a resounding “NO”, and if he could speak, he would probably tell his owner to leave him alone to have his peace and quiet.

The battle continues as his owner is still bent on getting him to the kennel and he is not enjoying the situation, and he keeps protesting as he is asked to get up from the living room floor. He protests, and when he felt his protests were falling on deaf ears, he wailed loudly and hit his head on the living room floor like a child would. His owner is ecstatic and cannot hold his laughter at seeing his dog being a baby. He keeps taunting Blaze and asking him to go to his kennel and when Blaze hears the word “kennel” he explodes and screams like a human child.
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It seems as though this behavior is normal with Blaze and he just doesn’t like being confined in his kennel and his owner was apparently having fun with him. Don’t you wish he could speak, so he could tell his owner to leave him alone?

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