This Hungry Squirrel Is About To Blow Your Mind – Just Watch This!


One of the worst things in life is watching a living creature waste valuable food. With so many people and animals experiencing starvation on a regular basis, the idea that someone would let food go to waste is difficult to fathom.

However, that is no problem for the hungry squirrel that you are about to meet in this hilarious clip. This friendly little guy is clearly a neighborhood fixture and and when he is offered a chance at a free meal, he is literally chomping at the bit.
After all, the only thing better than food is a chance at some free food, am I right or am I right? This squirrel’s appreciation for what they have been offered is evident and this video just might make your heart melt, on account of being so adorable.

If you have never seen a squirrel at meal time, this video is mandatory viewing. It will only take a few seconds of your time and just might be the best minute that you spend all day. This squirrel almost seems human and perhaps they were in a past life.

While most squirrels would have been content with just one acorn, this neighbor has offered an entire handful and this generosity is definitely lost on the squirrel. This animal just had its lucky day and they are bound and determined not to let a single acorn be wasted. If only we could share this squirrel’s feelings about food.

Think about how much less food would be wasted if we could all follow this squirrel’s example. Instead of scraping the remainder of our plates into the garbage disposal or trash can, we could be feeding ourselves or even others who are currently in need.

Seeing this squirrel’s cheeks bulge with acorns is one of the funniest sights that we have seen in a very long time. This animal is eating as if there is no tomorrow and we cannot help but to laugh at the bottomless appetite that is on display in this short clip. You’ll be holding your sides by the time it is done and you just might be jealous of how much this squirrel can put away.

If you laughed at this clip as much as we did, then you are going to want to share it with your friends and family as soon as possible, so be sure to take a moment to pass it along!

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