This Horse Trio Had Been Apart For 4 Years. When They Reunite, It’s INCREDIBLE…


Horse lovers will tell you that the equine are truly amazing. Horses are beautiful, and it turns out they remember well, too.

Horses may have memories that are just as good as the humans. It is incredible to see what they are capable of. Harry, William, and Arthur are three horses, and they grew up together. They have known each other since birth, and much of their foal-hood was spent running around the fields together.
Unfortunately, the owner had a rough patch and Arthur had to be sold so that she could support herself. It was a sad day because William and Harry got to stay together while Arthur had to leave the group.

After 4 ½ years, the owner was able to get enough money in order to buy Arthur back. She was just as excited to have the horse back as she was excited to see how William and Harry would act when they saw their friend for the first time after so long.

I got goosebumps, this is so cool. The horses almost instantly recognized each other, and as soon as the first one came over, the other one quickly came over, like “are you kidding me, is this Arthur?” They hit it off immediately, and Arthur’s owner had thought that they might. It would be the same as if you suddenly saw two friends from your childhood – it would be hard for you not to recognize them or want to spend time with them.

The video last for just over four minutes, and is absolutely worth it. It shows the owner bringing Arthur in and what she thinks is going to happen. You can tell that the horse feels as though this is a big moment in his life. He slowly walked out into the field, and then one of the horses approach him. It’s such a thrilling thing to watch, and then they begin playing the field as though no time has passed.

Due to the determination of their owner, all three of these horses will never be separated again. It’s an incredible story, and I’ve actually watch the video twice just because I absolutely love the horse reunion.
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