This Homeless Puppy Who Couldn’t Open His Eyes Makes Massive Progress!


This puppy was spotted on the streets, stumbling around and not seeming to know how to make his way around. Locals took notice of his condition and immediately contacted the Vet Ranch’s clinic. This Chihuahua puppy needed help and they were determined to provide it for him. Once he was inspected more closely, a collection of mucus was discovered around his eyes, which was impeding him from seeing normally.

Your heart simply breaks in situations like these. Poor Charlie was suffering before he had even had a chance to truly live. Take a look at his video and get to know Charlie a little better:


Whenever someone touched this adorable pup’s head, he would cry and wail, because of the pain and fear that he felt. The problem he was experiencing with his eyes had made it impossible for him to even receive the slightest affection.

Dr. Karri, who was charged with caring for Charlie Bright Eyes, examined the pup and learned that his corneas were scratched, which was causing the mucus buildup.

The reason for his scratched corneas? The poor pup had gravel in his eyes, which also led to cutting and scarring. Fortunately for Charlie, he was able to locate a forever home and live happily ever after. Would you believe that Dr. Karri’s grandmother was the one to adopt him? We always knew that grandmas ruled and this story serves to further prove that notion.

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