This Heroic Pit Bull Saw A Man Attacking A Woman. What He Did To Save Her Shocked Everyone


Pitbulls have a terrible reputation and many people are frightened to be in their presence as a result. But the pitbull you are about to meet does not believe in instigating violence, they are far more interested in putting a stop to it. In this amazing video, a pitbull sees an absolute atrocity taking place and puts themselves on the lines trying to stop it.

Instead of seeing pitbulls as being violent and aggressive, perhaps we can start to see them as being caring and protective. This particular story starts in a horrible fashion. Steven Schumacher was in the midst of a tiff with his wife and their argument had spilled out into the middle of the road.

As the neighborhood watched in horror, Schumacher grabbed a fistful of his wife’s hair and dragged her down the road. The woman began to scream at the top of her lungs and it was clear as day to see that she was in serious trouble. She needed help and her life was potentially in danger if a hero did not intervene.

Enter our buddy Blitz. Blitz the pitbull came to the rescue almost immediately, as he could not bear to see a woman being treated in this cruel and barbaric manner. Many people heard this woman’s screams, but the first one to react was this lovable pitbull.

He jumped out of the doorway and confronted this violent abuser, with little regard for his own safety. While Blitz never clamped down and bit the man, the presence of this hulking 170 pound protector was enough to make Steven reconsider his actions. The woman was able to free herself from her attacker, sprint into the home of pitbull and Blitz even stood guard over the terrified victim until authorities arrived on the scene.

This video provides an additional glimpse into the events that occurred on this fateful night and lets the viewer know exactly what Blitz was up against.

When police arrived on the scene, they immediately brought Steven into custody, allowing his victim to enjoy some much needed peace of mind. As a result of his heroic actions, Blitz has been receiving copious amounts of praise from all corners of the world and he deserves every last bit of love he has gotten.

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