This Guy Wrapped A Match In Foil Then Set It On Fire. The Result Is Pure Awesome.


When a person is bestowed with the title “King Of Random”, there is no telling how they acquired such a nickname or what they will do in order to keep it. Grant Thompson is the reigning “King Of Random” and he did not get such a title for no reason. He routinely puts together projects that are incredibly random in nature, yet produce amazing results that astound viewers.
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Take this video for instance. It is utterly astonishing what Thompson can accomplish with just a few items that are lying around most households, going unused. Thompson’s homemade matchbox rockets have the ability to travel in excess of 30 feet and are able to be made quickly and easily.

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The next time you are bored at home, Grant Thompson should be your inspiration. He does not allow himself to be conquered by boredom. Instead, he makes boredom obsolete by utilizing items that most people would ignore completely. All it takes to create a matchbox rocket is a matchbox and they can be powered by one single match.

Matchboxes and matches are easy enough to find in any home, as well as the aluminum foil that Thompson used. When it comes to creating impressive weaponry that fits neatly on a person’s desktop, Grant Thompson is unparalleled. With the items listed above and a simple wooden skewer, you too can create the same happiness and good times that Thompson has been able to enjoy.

When you can construct something this fun with items that are this easy to find, how can a person possibly resist? Rather than allowing themselves to be glued to the TV on those boring days, a person like Grant Thompson decides to create something that will live on for years to come.

The beauty of the matchbox rocket design is that even a person who is not great with their hands and unable to build things on their own can process this video and be able to create a matchbox rocket themselves. Grant Thompson’s specialty? Creating projects that are deceptively easy and able to be handled by just about anyone who tries them.

If a project is this easy to get started on, then it stands to reason that some may not even wait for boredom to strike before they get started. No matter what your personal skill levels are, Thompson’s projects can fit the bill.

This clip is a testament to what can be accomplished with a little bit of determination, ingenuity and elbow grease. It teaches us that there is never a reason to give up on a day and declare it to be boring, that there is always something that can be done to make our days much more exciting.

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