This Guy Gets What He Deserves After Throwing A Brick At A Dog.


This is one of the more bizarre videos to ever hit the Internet. We are not quite sure what reason anyone would have for throwing bricks at dogs. While we can certainly sit here and speculate, we highly doubt that any of these reasons could be all that good. There is simply no reason for this sort of inhumane treatment to animals and those of us who were appalled at this video’s beginning will be glad to see what happens next.

After this man was caught on camera throwing bricks at innocent animals, you would think that this would be enough of a karmic retribution for his misdeeds. Now, he will be forever branded as the jerk who thought it was a good idea to put the lives of dogs in danger. However, karma is a cruel mistress and she had a heck of a lot more in store for this thoughtless goon than that.

The man who is throwing bricks at dog does not seem to have any inkling of the mistake he is making. Wildly hurling bricks at animals that did not attack first is not the wisest choice and all it takes is a minute or two for this brick thrower to realize the error of his ways. It is not enough for him to throw a brick or two, this “genius” decides to go back for more.

In retrospect, this man would probably say that the last brick is one brick too many. A few moments after his last toss, all heck breaks loose and two dogs begin to attack him. Even though a dog attack is typically not very funny at all, it is hard not to laugh at this man’s stupidity, considering the fact that he brought this horrible fate onto himself.

As a matter of fact, this just might be one of the funniest dog attacks we have ever had the privilege to witness. The viewer is able to run the gamut of emotions in just a few short minutes. What starts off as sheer horror at what is being witnessed turns into uproarious laughter at the drop of a hat.

No one condones laughing when animals attack, but there are no rules that govern what is supposed to happen when the attacker becomes the attacked. Hopefully, the man in this clip learned a valuable lesson about what happens when you cannot control your emotions. Karma is swift, it is decisive and it is always just.

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