This Guilty Cat Will Make You Laugh In Just 13 Seconds, I Guarantee It!


In this hilariously cute video, a cat is seen taking the fall for a human child who was forced to eat his veggies and left them for the cat. The cat volunteered to eat the spinach and was having the best meal ever until the unexpected happened. Aaron’s Animals made the video with the sole aim of adding humor to the lives of people who watch it.

The cat in the video apparently loves to eat spinach, and he is seen munching on the veggies with a mischievous look on his face as he eats it slowly. He looks around cautiously as he eats in a very mischievous way. The background music of suspense and mystery makes the clip even more hilarious and funny. The cat licks his tongue and smacks his lips as he enjoys the meal. He seems so content with his happy meal until the unexpected happens. The cat owner calls out to his son, Michael and asks if he has finished his veggies. The look on the kitty’s face is priceless when he hears the call, and his small ears widen out, and he looks shocked.
These expressions are hilarious because you would only expect such from a human child. The guilty expression on the cat’s face when the child’s name was called was funny, and the funny cat didn’t end there. Before his owner came into the living room, the kitty disappeared. Where could he have gone? The funny cat is then seen comfortably tucked in a bucket, and he keeps peeping from the top to see if he will be caught.

This kind of mischievous behavior is usually common with children, so it is possible that he learnt it from Michael, and he learnt it very well.
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The cat hides in the bucket and hopes his owner will not see him. What do you think, do you want him to get caught? We sincerely hope not.

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