This Girl Fed These Crows For Years, And How They Thank Her Is Something She Never Expected.


Most people, who feed birds, do not expect to get a reward. They usually bring bread in their pocket and sprinkle it alongside the sidewalk when they see their feathered friends. This is exactly what a girl named Gabi Mann did when she was four years old. She started feeding some crows outside of her home as a good gesture never expecting anything in return. What these crows did in return is where the story becomes amazing.


How it Started: Gabi Feeding Crows Age Four


Many people believe that crows have mystical powers. It is something that started in folklore but it is still a held belief today. Some people feel that these birds could tell when it is about to rain. Others liken them to fortunetellers. However at the age of four, little Gabi did not think about any of this. She just wanted to do a good deed and feed to crows. So she started to do so every day without fail.


Four Years Later: As Far as the Crow Flies

At the age of eight, Gabi and the crows became such good friends. So much so that they started following her to school. Imagine the sight of a little girl walking to school with crows trailing her path. Gabi must have felt wonderful having this accompaniment of crows on her way to class.


Two Years Later: A Gift for the Giver


When Gabi was 10, she had been feeding the crows for six years. She set up a little bird feeder and also fed the crows dog food, which she threw on the grass. This is where the story becomes amazing. The crows to thank her for feeding them for six years started to bring her gifts. These gifts were took the form of many different shapes. Some were Lego pieces, others were buttons, or even silver balls. Gabi loves receiving the gifts from the crows that she would wrap them, organize them, and write on them.


Unfortunately, some of Gabi’s neighbors want to have her stop feeding the crows and they accuse her and her family of running a large scale feeding operation. It is too bad that they don’t understand the care and concern that comes from Gabi’s side or the gratitude that comes from the crows’ side. They are trying to sue the family for $200,000 but the outcome of this legal matter is yet to be determined.


It’s sad to know that some people don’t see what the little girl is trying to do, but let’s hope that everything works out for her and her crows. Share Gabi’s story with your friends too…

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