This German Shepherd’s Ear Dance to Flo Rida Will Make Your Day!


This German shepherd really seems to move with the beat. He moves his ears to the beat of Flo Rida’s Low. Watch as the big shepherd keeps to the beat one ear at a time. He seems to be moving to his own little beat. This German shepherd really keeps to the beat of this Flo Rida song. His long ears flap back and forth, eventually both big ears moving together in unison to the song. You won’t believe how good he keeps up with the beat.

Jaxson was even up for an award. The Fox’s cause for Paws. His big ears move back and forth and start to go in circles at one point during the show. Watch this beautiful German shepherd as he really moves his ears to the beat.

The cool dog seems to be really in the jam of this song moving his ears in unison. See his big ears moving in perfect rhythm to the beat of Flo Rida. It’s amazing what dogs can do. Jaxson might just be the next big rapper in the music world. Now if they could just get him to sing!

These are smart dogs so maybe there is a way to get him to sing out loud to this song. It would be fun to see him moving around a bit in the car. Jaxson is looking so cool and smart in this video maybe becoming a star real soon. Watch as this dog moves his ears in sync to the beat of this cool song. Laugh and enjoy Jaxson as he gets into the beat of this song

I have seen dogs do a lot of tricks but never anything like this. Jaxson’s big ears flap back and forth to the rhythm of this song. The dog’s ears really move to the beat of this Flo Rida’s song. Jaxson just needs some shades and he will be the coolest dude around.

This singing must be really good for him because he just looks so relaxed and cool. Would love to see this German shepherd sing. For now just enjoy Jaxson moving his ears to the beat. I can’t believe my eyes watching this cool video. Jaxson is such a beautiful dog rapping to the beat of this song.

Watch this video of Jaxson the dancing ears dog. The dog moves his ears so closely to the beat it is amazing. A star is born and his name is Jaxson. This is an amazing video when you see this dog move to this funky beat. Jaxson has such long ears that it just looks so much more dramatic. Jaxson just has what it takes to be a dog rapper. His great big ears moving back to the beat. LOL as you watch the fun video. Please be sure to pass this video on.

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