Watch How This Elephant Gets Her Attention


This video allows viewers to see an elephant nature park up close and personal. The tourists who filmed this video were likely trying to capture some of the beautiful scenery to show to folks back home, but they stumbled upon one of the more magical scenes of recent memory. A young lady strolled past a group of elephants and was clearly not ready for what was about to happen next.
This particular group of elephants was incredibly playful and friendly. They decided that they needed the attention of the young man who was walking past them. The way that they chose to get her attention was nothing short of incredible. As the woman made her way closer to the area where the elephants were enclosed, one of the elephants decided to toss a small rock in her general direction.

Little did the woman know that the elephant was ready to play a game of catch with their new found pal. Quickly recognizing what the elephant was trying to do, the young woman throws the stone back into the enclosure, taking care not to strike the elephant. Now that the elephant has become engaged in the activity, the stone is thrown back to the woman.

Most people are probably unaware of an elephant’s intelligence level. Many would be shocked to see an elephant attempt to initiate a game of catch. This woman is quick to play with her new elephant buddy and as a result, the two begin a game of catch that lasts several minutes. While some may have been afraid or reticent to engage the animal, the young woman in this video has no such worries.

What the majority of people do not realize that elephants have a huge capacity for rational thought, intelligence and feelings. They have behaviors that are often associated with humans, such as the ability to learn, be compassionate and have a sense of humor. Anyone who mistakes these animals for being creatures without common sense have simply failed to pay attention.

Thanks to videos like these, people who did not know about what elephants are capable of can learn more. Perceptions are made to be shattered and a video of this nature does more than to destroy the perception of elephants as plodding, methodical animals than any thesis or book ever could.

Programs that train their focus on elephant conservation have been designed to increase people’s awareness about the many great qualities that elephants have to offer. The more people learn about elephants, the better our chances are keeping them protected for future generations to enjoy. Increasing appreciation for elephants is a must, so if you enjoyed this video, be sure to share it with your friends!


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