This Dying Puppy Was Brought To Their Home So He Could Pass Peacefully. Then The Unimaginable…


In Ankara, Turkey, there is a shelter where more than 4000 dogs are located. They have nowhere to go, and many are sick and dying. Much of this has to do with pre-existing conditions. However, much of it also has to do with the fact that it is a small shelter and volunteers are limited.

Four of the volunteers consisted of an entire family – a mother and her three young daughters. They decided that they wanted to bring home some puppies so that they could pass in peace. After all, the shelter was hardly a peaceful place with all of the dogs trampling each other.
Out of the litter of puppies, three of them passed away. They had already prepare themselves for this. After all, the dogs were sick and it was obvious that they were on their deathbed.

That’s when the unthinkable happened. They assumed that the fourth dog would pass, too. But then she started to make a recovery. It was a miracle to say the least. She was the smallest of the litter and had been very ill. In no time at all, with the love and care of a family, she has grown into a full dog that loves to play and seems to have boundless amounts of energy.

The woman started to work at the shelter as a way of doing something with her daughters. They moved to Turkey because that’s where her husband was sent for work. Turkey doesn’t euthanize their dogs, though there often isn’t enough food to go around to all of the dogs. The shelters have dogs die on them all the time due to distemper.

The girls couldn’t have been happier with what happened to this last dog. The strength started to come back and they soon realized that Faith was the perfect name. They needed a pet and the dog was so thankful to have a great home. She will never have to go to a shelter again. She has no teeth and that’s because she was so malnourished. She is also going to be able to go home to America with the family.

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