This Dog’s Questionable Way Of Getting Onto The Couch Will Have You In Stitches!


The first video is a bird seemingly riding another bird. Crazy yes? The birds chirps away as one bird sits on the other bird’s back. Then there’s another video of a dog doing 360 spins trying to impress a cat, and then as the cat gestures towards him, he darts to the corner of the room. Animals do the weirdest things ever. We often wonder what is going through their minds as they go about their crazy antics.

You’ll also get to see the most adorable video of a cat in a box playing with his own tail. He then goes haywire and starts to munch on his tail as if it’s not his. If you’re sitting at work and you’re about to watch this video, get prepared, because you would most definitely burst out in laughter.
Then there is another video of a dog that tries to run and hurdle himself unto the couch and he smacks his face right into the couch. His feet don’t even leave the floor. He tries over and over again but can’t seem to get the hang of it; poor thing.

In another clip, a cat sticks his face into a plastic cup and trails it all across the floor. Speaking of the floor, one particular cat can’t get enough of it as he lies upside down underneath the dining table chairs and skids across the floor. He seems to be having the time of his life. His green eyes shining ever so bright in the camera.

There is also a clip of a racoon who apparently thinks he is a koala and hangs upside down the street lamp outside (poor guy, he must find it hard getting along with friends). Then, as if you haven’t already seen the cutest clips ever, one particular dog wants to help out so much so he places the kitchen towel over his head and begins to wipe off stains on the poor cooker.

These totally wacky video would make you laugh out loud uncontrollably. Animals are incredibly silly, but they sure do seem to have a lot of fun.

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