This Dog’s Puppy Died, But What She Does Next…Unbelievable


Being forced to bury their own child is the worst experience that any parent can have. Dogs have been known to go through the same mourning period as their human counterparts. While these occurrences are certainly tragic, they are often inevitable.

The only thing left for grief stricken parents to do? Pay the proper respects to their deceased child and find a way to honor their memory. Parents also hope that their deceased children are able to pass away without going through too much pain and suffering.

The dog mother in this clip went through this unspeakably difficult experience. Take a moment to watch her, as she goes through the process of painstakingly selecting the correct spot to bury her fallen youngster.

This little puppy was unable to have a true chance, but we hope and pray that he can rest easily. Even in death, his mother cared for him deeply and dedicated all of her energy and effort to finding the right resting place. You can sense a certain amount of relief once she located the correct spot for her fallen son.

As Mom finds the spot where her child will be laid to rest, she wastes no time digging the hole and gently placing the puppy inside. Within a few moments, the deceased puppy has been covered and his mother is faced with the prospect of moving on without him. Mother is now given the chance to grieve in her own time and confront her new reality.

This incredibly touching video deserves a close look, but you just may end up reaching for the tissues before all is said and done. Touching moments like these do not come along every day, but when they do, the amazing compassion that animals have within is placed on full display.

Hopefully, the puppy’s owners can also add a headstone to his resting place, so that his memory is always honored. Feel free to share this clip with all of the dog lovers you know.

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