This Dog’s Afraid To Walk Into The Room. What He Does Has Me In Stitches!


Dogs are hilarious sometimes. It is particularly funny if they don’t know that they are being watched, or in this case, being recorded. This family has a golden retriever named Artie. He is standing on the tile and you can see that he wants to go into the other room. There’s just one problem. There’s carpet in that room and he’s terrified.

Most people would conquer their fears. That’s what this dog wants to do, too.

He has his mom coaching him the whole way. You can see him contemplating how he is going to get into the room. He really doesn’t want to step over the threshold that goes from tile to carpet. There is no way of knowing what he is afraid of.

Perhaps if he closes his eyes, it will be better.

No, that isn’t going to be any better, either.

Maybe, just maybe, if he walks away, he will think of something. Aha! He has figured it out. He is going to back into the room so that he doesn’t have to look at where he’s going. Maybe, if his back paws touched the carpet first, it won’t be so bad.

This is the whole family in stitches, and it is exceptionally entertaining. Dogs are not always known to be the brightest, but they are always entertaining. Poor Artie really seem to be struggling with the idea of going into the room that has carpet on it. It makes you wonder if the entire house has tile flooring except for this one room or if he is terrified of going into all of the rooms with carpet.

Now that he has overcome his fear of going into the room, he probably will have no problem going into anywhere else that has carpeting.

It’s always good to overcome fears, and this dog has shown that it is possible. How he goes about it is priceless – and the video only lasts for about 30 seconds. It’s definitely worth your time to watch this display of courage because it is going to leave you howling.

Dog Conquers Fear of Stepping onto Carpet… by so_funny
It’s no surprise that dogs are man’s best friend when they are able to keep you laughing like this golden retriever has been able to do.

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