This Dog Went Missing For 5 Years. Watch His Amazing Reunion With His Old Family


The Humane Society recently executed one of their amazing and incredible rescues. A home in Adams County, Ohio was harboring 166 animals in an abusive situation and one of these animals was a missing dog who came from a forever home where his presence was greatly missed.


The dog’s name is Chuckie and this is the astonishing story of his amazing rescue. He had parted ways with his original family five years ago and they had assumed the worst. Losing a pet is one of the most painful things that can happen to a family and Chuckie’s departure certainly left a hole in their lives.

He’s a chocolate lab and when he was finally discovered, he was residing in a home that had been reported to the Humane Society. The animals who were living in this home were subject to extreme abuse and neglect. This was no life for Chuckie, as he was forced to share a living space with 165 other animals, all of whom were in differing stages of suffering.

When the Humane Society was finally able to liberate all of the animals who were trapped inside of this home, they checked each of them for a microchip. This is how they discovered that Chuckie was missing and that he had a family that was still looking for him.

As it turns out, his family was located in Indiana and they were thrilled to hear that Chuckie was found. If you have not placed a microchip in your pet, this story is one of the best arguments for doing so.

This dog was states away from his family and years had passed, but they were still able to reunite. If you would like to see the heartwarming reunion between Chuckie and the family who patiently waited for his triumphant return, then be sure to watch this video. Fair warning: you might want to have a few tissues on hand.

He definitely remembers his former family, as you can see in this clip. The moment the rescuers pull up in the driveway, Chuckie’s tail begins to wag excitedly and he cannot wait to see his friends and loved ones again. When they finally let go of his leash, he sprints up to them with boundless love in his heart.

He never, ever forgot those who loved him the most and this video needs to be shared with your friends and family immediately!

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