This Dog Watches Someone Pass By Every Day, But You Won’t See This Coming…


This almost 6 minute ad by Krungthai Bank is sure to bring tears to your eyes. Though a commercial ad, it is hard to understand its relationship to Krungthai Bank until the end of the advert. This is because it tells a very emotional and detailed tale that you can’t help but get warped up in that instead. Whether you are a dog lover or not, this is a must watch video that will warm your heart.

The ad starts by showing a man seeking for help for his dog who has been obviously hit by a car while a female veterinarian starts attending to him. We are taken to a time when the female veterinarian was still a young girl and was frightened by her neighbor’s dog that protected the old woman who took care of him. This was because he always barked at her and chased her whenever she passed by the route on her way to and fro home.
One day however, she sees a stretcher taking away the old woman. Thereafter, she sees the dog all alone day by day seeming inconsolable and waiting for its owner to return. Sympathetic and also motivated, the young girl decides to befriend the dog and starts by bringing it little treats and food daily, though Olieng-for that was the dog’s name refused to eat at first, he finally does probably because the care she showed him inspired him to. He makes it obvious that he wants to be with her thereafter and she takes him home with her to her family.

From that time on, Olieng and the girl do everything together and become inseparable. He becomes very overprotective of her and even becomes very helpful at her home. Olieng follows her to the bus stop every day, faithfully watching as she boards the bus and leaves for school and is seen diligently waiting for her as she returns.

Unfortunately, one day she gets off the bus ad does not see Olieng waiting in his usual spot. Panicking, she searches around only to find him lying in pain after being hit by a car and surrounded by onlookers. Distraught with fear, she picks him up tenderly and seeks help but sadly for her the veterinarian’s office is locked for the day and Olieng passes away.

Though overwhelmingly grieved by Olieng’s death, that was her inspiration to become who she was in the preset day- A veterinarian and that was the message Krungthai Bank was trying to pass across “life creates dreams, dreams creates life” and they support dreams of children to help them succeed.

Mind blowing you would say, more like tear jerking….

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