This Dog Was Turning To Stone & Dying. When They Go To Pick Her Up? WOW


It really breaks my heart to see dogs in those miserable conditions. Having nothing to eat, no shelter to sleep, and no one to take care must be really difficult. Life is just to rough for some, and this dog was one of those unlucky pets. I say unlucky for the first part, when she was so hopeless, and no one to look up to. But once Animals Aid Unlimited found out about her, they took her, to change her life forever. First they decided to treat the hard skin with some medical lotion. They let the lotion sit for a while, and gave her a bath. After the bath, they decided to take off all the “dead” skin, in order to allow her body breath freely.

The dog was under the volunteers treatments, and he has a common house with many other rescued dogs, that are alive now thanks to the amazing job this organization does. When you will see the video, at the end you won’t believe your eyes for real. The dog was named Lucy, and she looks lo much different now. She has gained on some pound, and her hair is shining more than always. We all should be grateful to organizations like this, who give these beautiful pets a second chance to life.

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