This Dog Was Termed Unadoptable, But See What She Does Today!


This amazing story is about a dog who is all about living up to her unique name. She has been dubbed Princess and she lives a life that is befitting of her title. Princesses are known for their loving and caring demeanor and this dog is certainly no different.

Much like a princess, she has spent time traveling the world and met a wide range of amazing people and animals. You see, Princess was originally thought to be unadoptable. But she is one of the most loving animals that you will ever meet, showing a level of compassion that is typically unseen in dogs.

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She provides tender, loving care to a number of animal species. Princess cares for orphaned monkeys, orphaned pigs and even starfish. Seeing Princess cuddle with kitten and baby chicks will definitely warm your heart and may even make you shed a tear or two.

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If there is an animal out there who is in need of comfort and care, Princess is more than happy to provide it for them. It is hard to believe that an animal who is this kind and friendly would ever be deemed unadoptable, but this is the fate that was staring Princess in the face.

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She was considered unable to find a forever home and she was set for an untimely euthanization. Jenny Desmond could see the inner beauty within Princess and made a selfless decision to save her from certain death. The dog was rescued and given a chance at a better life.

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At first, Jenny and her husband Jimmy served as foster parents to Princess. But over time, they fell in love with the pup and decided to adopt her for good. Jenny and Jimmy work in wildlife rehabilitation and Princess is a natural when it comes to the family business.

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Princess went from being set for euthanization to traveling the world. She has been to numerous countries, including Uganda, Lebanon and China. Her parents are consultants for The Humane Society of the United States and The Jane Goodall Institute, but they do not leave Princess behind, taking her everywhere that they go.


Princess offers the animals her love, her compassion and she even plays with them when they are feeling up to the task. She has an incredible amount of love to give. How in the world was this dog ever considered to be unadoptable?


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