This Dog Was Rescued From A Meat Farm, His Reaction To Touching The Grass Will Make You Cry


We have heard of beef, pork, mutton and even Poultry but in South Korea, dog meat is more popular. According to the South Korea’s Ministry of Environment, more than two Millions of dogs are raised in more than 17, 000 dog farms across the country yearly for this purpose as dog meat is considered a delicacy.

What this means is that dogs in South Korea are more or less likely to be killed and eaten. It is no wonder therefore that Pocket, one of the 103 dogs rescued by the Humane Society international from a South Korean dog farm exhibited such a strange but understandable behavior after being placed in a new loving home. Strange because it is unlike man’s best friend to be scared of stepping on something as homely as a patch of grass and understandable because for a dog who has been in small, crowded cages around the clock for so long with little human contact, the new world around him was not only intimidating but scary.


The video starts with the cute dog- Pocket carried by its owner and gently lowered onto the grass with soothing words of comfort. Pocket at first looks wary of where he is standing and seems visibly scared but with loving words of encouragement like “it’s alright baby” and “come on” from his “mommy”, He starts sniffing the grass while walking around very cautiously.


His mommy leads him around the grassy area and Pocket follows while sometimes straying off to do some investigations on his own. After a while, it looks as though He gets used to the grass as he walks up to his mommy who squats to welcome him saying “it’s alright sweetheart, it’s alright darling, grass! Grass!” while picking up the grass for him to see.


For the first time, standing tall in the sunshine, Pocket wags his tail excitedly; it’s like saying “now I am finally home” while his mommy, visibly smiling with joy, lovingly rubs him with her hands around his face and around its ears.

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Seeming fully convinced that it is indeed safe for him to walk around; Pocket prances around, though more confidently this time, savoring the feel of the grass beneath his paws as his fear of the world obviously seems all melted away.

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It is obviously a prayer answered for Pocket. Hopefully, same prayer from other dogs in several South Korea dog farms will be answered- someday soon.

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