This Dog Was Just Days From Death, Then The Neighbor Did THIS


In most instances, a neighbor making a phone call to the police results in a raging party being halted or a noise complaint being filed. But when the neighbor in this story called the police, their actions ended up saving the life of one lucky pup.

On a November day in Puerto Rico, police were summoned, as the caller was concerned about the state of an emaciated dog that they had noticed next door. They acted quickly and arrived on the scene almost immediately.

Once they made their way to the home in question, they discovered Rocco. Rocco had been tethered in the yard next door and was being forced to live without adequate amounts of food and water. From the looks of it, Rocco had been there for quite a while and his gaunt appearance was evidence of his horrific treatment.


The police had received a number of calls about the dog’s unfortunate living conditions, but it took a court order before they were able to enter the property and take a look around. Upon arrival, they realized that the dog’s owner was not present and decided to take matters into their own hands at long last.

The adorable pup was removed from the premises immediately and he was certainly grateful for these dedicated officers of the law. Rocco was given some much needed food and medical attention and responded very well to fluids.


He was tested for mange and heart worms. Luckily, both tests came back negative. While this is definitely a positive, he still needed to tack on a few pounds before he would be adoptable.

The people who were responsible for Rocco’s horrendous way of life? They were eventually tracked down by the Puerto Rican police officers and brought to justice for the role that they played in this animal’s suffering. They were charged with animal abuse in the third degree and received hefty fines. Unable to pay their fines, the men were eventually jailed.


Rocco was finally freed from their clutches and has been able to enjoy a much different living situation. He is said to be responding very well to treatment and once he is done healing, Rocco will be able to head to a forever home. Hopefully, the right owner is able to come along soon.

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