This Dog Was Having Stomach Pains. What They Find? Oh My Goodness…


Dogs are known to lick floors especially when the smell food on the hardwood and they may end up ingesting hair. Some dogs lick the ground when they suffer from gastric upset, and they may end up throwing up after ingesting items from the floor. The ingested items may easily be passed as feces or thrown up by the dog. If the dog gas been ingesting hair, it will not be digested or passed out. It may form a hardball within the stomach of the dog and cause excruciating pain to the pet.

The dog in the video did something similar and ended up in the hospital. Remi, as he is called was brought into the Vet Ranch as she was in so much pain. Her owners did not know what was making her experience so much pain but hoped that the vet could help. After examining the pet, the vet diagnosed the problem with the pet and stated that only surgery would solve the problem and surgery began all immediately.
The aim of the surgery was to find the cause of the pain which was stuck in the stomach of the pet. This was depicted by the x-ray which was taken by the vet. The doctor had previously enquired about the habits of the pet, and her owners confirmed that the dog loved to lick the floor. The owners thought it was cotton which was stuck in the stomach of the dog. The vet doctor began the surgery to find what was causing the pain. The vet doctor made an incision in the stomach and brought out the stomach to look at it. The doctor felt a hardened lump in the stomach and sought to remove it. He made another incision on the stomach and saw a black mass covering the entire stomach and he cut it open and extracted the object and had to close up the stomach by stitching.

After the object was removed, the stomach looked a lot emptier, and it was clear that the dog would be fine. After stitching the stomach, the doctor goes ahead to neuter the dog. He then removes the uterus and finished the stitching of the entire stomach.

After the surgery, the vet doctor states that she did well, and it was not a complicated surgery. And the vet doctor was curious to see the item which was lodged in the stomach. He begins by poking the item to see what it is, and he uses his surgical scissors to open up the mass. He believed that it was hair which was covering another object, but discovered that it was just hair. The insides of the ball of hair smelled so badly just like dog vomit.
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The little dog was still asleep after the surgery and her owner was anxious to see her and was worried about the surgery. In a short while, Remi woke up and seemed to be recovering just fine. She was already up on her feet and playing around with staff of the Vet Ranch.

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