This Dog Was Found All Alone In The Hot Desert. But Watch As They Approach Her.


Hope For Paws has been responsible for some of the finest animal rescues that we have ever seen. No matter what condition an animal is in, no matter how dire the situation may seem, Hope For Paws comes to their aid. Without their help, the fates of hundreds of animals would be vastly different.

This story just might be one of their best moments yet. German shepherds are some of the most loyal creatures known to man, but this particular pup was abandoned in the desert and the blistering temperatures were bound to catch up with her eventually, unless a hero intervened.
Her name is Venus and Venus’ past experiences had taught her to be very skeptical of humans. Even though her would be rescuers had spent four months feeding her and taking care of her, she would still not let them get close to her. Her stance is quite understandable when you stop to consider her predicament.

If someone had taken you out to the desert and left you to die in the unforgiving sun, you would probably lose a great deal of your trust in humanity, too. But the kind and gentle souls at Hope For Paws did not give up on Venus.

They continued to care for her and did their best to set humane traps. These traps continuously failed, but their spirit did not flag for a moment.

Desert temperatures typically rise to at least 100 degrees (if not hotter) and Venus’ new friends knew that they needed to rescue her quickly, before time eventually ran out. Venus did not want to be rescued, but that is because she is a survivor by nature and did not grasp the inherent severity of her situation.

As a last resort, they enlisted a doctor to provide them with a humane way to save her from herself. Dr. Scott Amsel was called in, so that he could offer his assistance. Since Venus would not willingly come with her rescuers and allow herself to be saved, she would have to be shot with a tranquilizer gun.

Would you like to see what happens next? Then be sure to watch this video until its conclusion.

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