This Dog Runs To Greet The Policeman, Seconds Later I’m In Tears


Dogs are naturally friendly creatures and can actually sense danger. Due to their super power, they can tell if visitors to a home are clean or mean no harm to the occupants of the house. This incredible power gives them an edge over all other household pets. This is why they cannot hurt children or innocent people. Also, when they are trained to fish out criminals, they do an awesome job at it.


Most times, when a friendly visitor comes around the home of a dog owner, the dog will immediately sense that they mean no harm and go out to greet them with a wagging tail. They also welcome them by playing around and trying to get to know the new visitor. Unfortunately, this adorable behavior of an innocent mutt made her lose her life.


This article is the obituary of Duchess. Duchess is a bull terrier who lost her life after she was shot by a policeman who was afraid of her. Meanwhile, the pet was only attempting to be the friend of this new and harmless visitor.


The entire family/ owners of the adorable mutt were immobilized with great sadness when their friendly dog, Duchess was shot accidentally, by a police officer who had the impression that the pet was attacking him or going to attack him. The death hurt them so much, and it is shown by the way the teenage friend of the dog refused to leave the mangled body of their pet who was in a pool of blood after he was shot.


On that fateful day, the police officer rang the family’s doorbell to pass some information to the owner of the house who was identified as Gillian Palacios. Palacios opened his door to receive the police officer, and that was what caused the unfortunate event. Duchess, being the happy and friendly dog that she is wanted to see who it was out of curiosity. She had apparently sensed that he meant no harm to her owner and quickly sprang to say hello to the lovely new guest as she always does. Only this time, it was also the last goodbye that the mutt would ever say to anyone ever again. Immediately she went close to the officer to extend her greetings and give him a proper welcome, and the officer pulled the trigger in fear, and the pet took her last breath.


With more investigation and analysis of the matter, it was reported from a surveillance camera on the property that the bull terrier was not jumping aggressively as was implied by the officer neither was he even barking at the period of the attack, but was only saying ‘Hello’ to the police officer.

The police officer who is currently unknown and on administrative leave by the police force, claims that the dog was vehemently violent, and he was had no choice but to shoot him to defend his own life.

This friendly mutt, Duchess will always be missed and remembered with endless love.

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