This Dog Was Missing For 5 Years. Here’s The Moment He Sees His Family Again.


A bright sunny day it was for Chuckie and indeed a day he will never forget in his lifetime. The day he gets to reunite with his family. Chuckie has been apart from them for about five years. Evidently he had built strong bonds with his family as he effortlessly recognizes them. They are also very excited to see their little dog all grown up, strong and healthy. he breaks loose from the hands of one of the officers and runs to is family like a predator who has just found its prey. In the same manner his family, consisting of three beautiful ladies, accepts their fur ball into their bosom. He equally is full of excitement as he is taken round the lawn. He must have had memories of this place and would probably be recalling them now. His tail wagging around excitedly as he licks and cuddles his family. It’s such an amazing moment to see.

Although he reunites with his family, he does not completely forget those who took care of him during the hard times. He is seen cuddling and licking the officers as a sign of appreciation for all they had done.

The animal rescue and shelter program is one that is worthy of note. They have been rescuing and restoring hope to missing animals. Thee even get to reunite some of these animals with their families like in chuckles case.

Some animals do not get this rare opportunity that Chuckie has gotten because the capacity of these facilities might not be able to cater for the population. So we generally encourage people to help search and rescue missing dogs.

It’s been such a happy day for the fur ball, his family and the rescue team as they have helped a dog reunite with his ever loving family searching five long years. This is just a joyful experience that every missing dog would crave. Congrats to Chuckie.

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