This dog is leaving his family in hysterics with his “Trick” in the snow.


As the video begins, we see Rafi sliding across the frozen tundra and we can hear his loving family encouraging him in the background. As they implore him to repeat the same feat he just accomplished, Rafi lays on his side and slides himself over the ground, like an earthworm.

The sight of this sizable pup squirming around in the snow like a baby is enough to send them into hysterics. You will be hard pressed not to join them in their laughter as you watch this lovable dog roll around in the great outdoors.

Listening to this happy family enjoy each other’s company is arguably the best part of this clip. Their happiness can only be rivaled by Rafi’s. He gets back to his feet and seems to be ready to come back to his family on four legs, the way God intended.

But before you know it, he is back on his side, wriggling through the snow once more. He is a ham who knows how to play to the camera and we are the lucky beneficiaries. If the whole “being a pet” thing doesn’t work, perhaps Rafi has a career in show business. We haven’t seen showmanship like this in a very long time.

He plays to the crowd and has a firm grasp on what they want to see. If you enjoyed this hilarious clip as much as we did, then be sure to pass it along to all of your dog loving friends and family members. Share away and don’t forget to post this video on your Facebook news feed, as well!

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