This Dog Kept Barking At A Cop. He Then Followed The Dog To Something Unbelievable.


First off, everybody wants to think they’re dog is as great as Lassie. I don’t know why, but most dog owners that own clever dogs want to think about Lassie. Deep down, everybody wants a dog as clever as Lassie.

And she was clever, all right.

Cleverly trained. A few treats and nice words, and Lassie (who was a girl, mind you), always seemed to pull Timmy’s bacon out the fire. And it’s a nice premise, really: a boy and his dog. But if Lassie were so clever, why the hell did she allow Timmy to get into these scrapes to begin with? And why did Timmy’s parents not do something about it?

Again, that’s the TV world. We tend to think that our reality is TV, and forget that in real life: dogs – most animals – are even more clever than Lassie. They can sense our moods instinctively, which has made them incredible companions. Dogs can sense when somebody is about to have an episode: whether it PTSD, or an epileptic fit. They even know how to communicate to people when situations are dire.

Take for instance Jacque and his friend Annabelle, two Scottish Terriers that have been lifelong friends. When their elderly owner had a medical emergency one night, the two dogs got out of the house. Rescuers found Jacque shortly after, but an officer recalls the dog’s reaction. It’s seems Jacque’s was quite insistent for him to follow, barking at the police officer, moving close before running off a short distance, pausing to make sure he was being followed.

What the police officer discovered Jacque’s companion; Annabelle, stuck in a ravine on a downed tree, surround by water. The embankment was covered with snow and ice, way too slick for the small terrier to climb up. Fire and Rescue came and got her, amazed at how her companion Jacque led them to the rescue site. They all say it was fortuitous, because poor Annabelle couldn’t get up, and the frigid weather would have been lethal for Annabelle.

People calling Jacque a hero is true enough; he had a friend in need and did everything he could to get assistance to save her. As an animal rescue worker remarked, we often forget how smart dogs actually are. It is; after all, this quality that is why dogs are so beloved, their capacity to have the same qualities that we as human think of as wholly a human quality.

Yeah, Lassie was great, but Jacque…that’s the real deal.

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