This Dog Just Saw Two Roosters Doing Something Horrible…So He Did This Amazing Thing.


If you’re a veteran of the bar and nightclub (and even if you aren’t), you are probably well aware of the existence of bouncers. These men are typically muscle bound hulks who are ready to put a stop to any sort of dangerous shenanigans at a moment’s notice.

Patrons who don’t know how to conduct themselves in public are usually the ones who experience their no nonsense demeanor in a manner that is up close and personal. But while we all know about these men, did you know that there are dog bouncers, as well?
The doggy bouncer in this video was in the audience at a rooster fight. One of the most inhumane sports known to man, it is essentially a form of sanctioned animal cruelty. It is tough to imagine that people actually enjoy watching these events take place and the dog that you are about to meet was having absolutely none of it.

These two roosters got into a fight and instead of sitting idly by, this dog decided that it was time to take action. Without his quick thinking, there is a good chance that one of these animals would have gotten severely hurt, if not both of them. You will be hard pressed to watch this video and not immediately think of a nightclub bouncer grabbing onto an angry drunkard and putting them in their place.

The rooster who was being held back was completely nonplussed and would not allow the dog to hold them back. However, this dog had resolved to put a stop to this fight and thanks to his courage and perseverance, the two roosters were kept away from each other before any serious damage was done.

The other rooster who was not being held by this doggy bouncer continued to make threatening advances towards his would be opponent. Perhaps he wanted to get a few shots in while his competitor was being restrained? No matter what happened, this dog was not going to let the fight continue under any circumstances. This brave pup’s actions just may have saved a life that day.

Just take a closer look at this amazing video!

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This is an amazing scene to watch and it is one that will need to be seen to be believed. This dog did not stop to think about his own safety for one second and dove into the fray. Be sure to share this clip with your friends and loved ones.

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