This Dog Is So Smart He Uses The Bathroom Like A Human!


The dog in this video, Owen, learned how to do something that most dogs don’t know how, mostly because they see the object Owen is using as something completely different. In this video, Owen managed to use the toilet to pee, without the help of his owner!

Now it might look a little strange, taking into account that Owen is no more than a dachshund dog, but he did managed to do it. He got into a comfortable position, and went for it in the toilet, just like a human.

We’re pretty sure Owen’s owner isn’t mad at this actin at all, especially taking into account that if he starts making a habit out of using the toilet, she no longer has to clean up after him on a daily basis – that’s a wish a lot of owners would like to see granted, if you ask me.

This video just shows us how incredibly intelligent animals can be. All they need is a good example to follow, a lot of patience and a lot of love to make them do amazing things. We’re sure that if this owner decided to yell at the dog instead of encouraging him, the result would have been incredibly different.

Even though Owen himself felt a little bad that his owner was just taking at him and encouraging him while he took care of his necessities (you can tell by the look on his face), we have to feel sorry for the other dog seen in the video – that poor guy can’t do what Owen does!

We need to be fair to all dogs out there: Owen has a perfect body type to get in that position and use the toilet, a lot of dogs don’t have that type of luck, so they can’t use the toilet like that. They may, however, find another alternative! We’ll be waiting for the video.

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