This Dog Is Best Friends With A Bucket, And Now He Needs Your Help!


Have you ever thought that dogs can get attached to many different weird things? I think I have showed you different pictures of dogs obsessed with their toys. Well what you will see here is not the toy you see everyday, or that entertaining toy every dog wants to have. But then again I have to tell you that we are talking about a really special dog named Slim, and his metal bucket.


Slim has a really sad story because he was found abandoned in a house in Ohio. Fortunately he was in great health conditions, but he just needed some help with his confidence. I am guessing that this dog has a family, but then they decided to leave him. I am also guessing that the only thing remained from his previous family was this metal bucket that Slim carries everywhere he goes.


Slim is a special dog, and the fact that he loves his metal bucked more than everything else is just something normal. Different dogs get attached to different toys. Slim’s toy is a metal bucket, and nothing is wrong with that. The only thing I am worried about is to find this poor canine a loving home. HE is staying at Forget Me Not Animal Rescue right now, but he is waiting for a forever home for adoption.


If you live in Ohio, or if you know anyone who lives in Ohio, and would be able to give Slim and his metal bucket a second chance please do not hesitate to contact the information provided below.
Please don’t hesitate to visit Forget Me Not’s website or call them up on 440-376-0203 or 440-334-4004. This poor dog would be forever grateful to whomever willing to give him a sec on chance, a better life, and a loving forever home. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends too!

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